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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's this page about? Also first book recommendation

Maybe some of you are wondering what's this doing here? What's up with this?

Well, in this section, I'll be posting  reference design books, service and user manuals for test gear that I own, schematics and so on, both to create a library of data for myself and also to maybe help others that are searching for ideas, manuals....

So, let me start this off with a recommendation for those that are just starting with electronics and also for those that have the experience but never managed to read this book:

"The Art of Electronics" by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill - Second Edition

This is the go-to book if you're a student and also if you have some experience but having trouble with either understanding something or struggling with a design.
This edition is indeed old (1987-1988 I think) but most of it holds true even today, especially  for the analog and linear chapters.

I will not be making a review of this book because there are way too many out there. Having read it myself, I think it is essential that every electronics engineer try to go through this so one can gain a basic understanding of all things electronics. It is by no means complete, and again, it is very old, but hey, it's cheaper that the Third Edition (if you know where to download it from wink! wink!) and it'll keep you busy for quite a while.

So, have fun reading, or just stay on this blog for a while longer and enjoy the eye candy.


  1. Book recommendation for beginners, graduate-level analog circuits students, and engineers in industry:

    Transistor Amplifiers, D. Feucht at

    Feucht was a Tektronix instrument (oscilloscope, pulse generator, function generator, DMM) design engineer.


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